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US Amateur Radio - Technician (Element 2, 2018-2022) Practice Test

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1. - T0A11

What kind of hazard might exist in a power supply when it is turned off and disconnected?

AYou might receive an electric shock from the charge stored in large capacitors
BThe fuse might blow if you remove the cover
CStatic electricity could damage the grounding system
DCirculating currents inside the transformer might cause damage

2. - T0B03

Under what circumstances is it safe to climb a tower without a helper or observer?

BWhen no electrical work is being performed
CWhen no mechanical work is being performed
DWhen the work being done is not more than 20 feet above the ground

3. - T0C06

Which of the following is an acceptable method to determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations?

ABy measurement of field strength using calibrated equipment
BBy calculation based on computer modeling
CBy calculation based on FCC OET Bulletin 65
DAll of these choices are correct

4. - T1A11

When is willful interference to other amateur radio stations permitted?

ATo stop another amateur station which is breaking the FCC rules
BAt any time, stations in the Amateur Radio Service are not protected from willful interference
CWhen making short test transmissions
DAt no time

5. - T1B06

On which HF bands does a Technician class operator have phone privileges?

A80 meter, 40 meter, 15 meter and 10 meter bands
B30 meter band only
D10 meter band only

6. - T1C05

Which of the following is a valid call sign for a Technician class amateur radio station?

DAll of these choices are correct

7. - T1D06

What, if any, are the restrictions concerning transmission of language that may be considered indecent or obscene?

AThe ITU maintains a list of words that are not permitted to be used on amateur frequencies
BThe FCC maintains a list of words that are not permitted to be used on amateur frequencies
CThere is no such prohibition
DAny such language is prohibited

8. - T1E09

Which of the following is true of remote control operation?

AAll of these choices are correct
BA control operator is required at all times
CThe control operator indirectly manipulates the controls
DThe control operator must be at the control point

9. - T1F02

When using tactical identifiers such as “Race Headquarters” during a community service net operation, how often must your station transmit the station’s FCC-assigned call sign?

AOnce during every hour
BAt the end of each communication and every ten minutes during a communication
CNever, the tactical call is sufficient
DAt the end of every transmission

10. - T2A01

Which of the following is a common repeater frequency offset in the 2 meter band?

APlus or minus 500 kHz
BPlus or minus 5 MHz
CPlus or minus 1 MHz
DPlus or minus 600 kHz

11. - T2B07

How can you join a digital repeater’s “talk group”?

AProgram your radio with the group’s ID or code
BJoin the repeater owner’s club
CRegister your radio with the local FCC office
DSign your call after the courtesy tone

12. - T2C05

What does the term “traffic” refer to in net operation?

AThe number of stations checking in and out of a net
BFormal messages exchanged by net stations
COperation by mobile or portable stations
DRequests to activate the net by a served agency

13. - T3A13

What weather condition would decrease range at microwave frequencies?

AHigh winds
BColder temperatures
C Precipitation
DLow barometric pressure

14. - T3B11

What is the approximate velocity of a radio wave as it travels through free space?

A150,000 miles per hour
B300,000,000 meters per second
C150,000 kilometers per second
D300,000,000 miles per hour

15. - T3C07

What band is best suited for communicating via meteor scatter?

A70 centimeter band
B2 meter band
C6 meter band
D10 meter band

16. - T4A03

Why should wiring between the power source and radio be heavy-gauge wire and kept as short as possible?

ATo avoid RF interference
BTo provide a good counterpoise for the antenna
CTo avoid voltage falling below that needed for proper operation
DAll of these choices are correct

17. - T4B11

What is the function of automatic gain control, or AGC?

ATo protect an antenna from lightning
BAn asymmetric goniometer control used for antenna matching
CTo eliminate RF on the station cabling
DTo keep received audio relatively constant

18. - T5A11

What is the unit of electromotive force?

AThe ohm
BThe volt
CThe watt
DThe ampere

19. - T5B01

How many milliamperes is 1.5 amperes?

A1500 milliamperes
B150 milliamperes
C15 milliamperes
D15,000 milliamperes

20. - T5C13

What is a unit of impedance?


21. - T5D07

What is the current in a circuit with an applied voltage of 120 volts and a resistance of 80 ohms?

A200 amperes
B1.5 amperes
C9600 amperes
D0.667 amperes

22. - T6A06

What type of electrical component stores energy in a magnetic field?


23. - T6B08

What does the abbreviation FET stand for?

AFree Electron Transmitter
BFrequency Emission Transmitter
CFast Electron Transistor
DField Effect Transistor

24. - T6C01

What is the name of an electrical wiring diagram that uses standard component symbols?

AConnector pinout
BBill of materials
CFlow chart

25. - T6D04

Which of the following displays an electrical quantity as a numeric value?


26. - T7A11

Where is an RF preamplifier installed?

ABetween a transmitter and antenna tuner
BAt the output of the transmitter's power amplifier
CBetween the antenna and receiver
DAt the receiver's audio output

27. - T7B10

What might be a problem if you receive a report that your audio signal through the repeater is distorted or unintelligible?

AYou are in a bad location
BAll of these choices are correct
CYour batteries are running low
DYour transmitter is slightly off frequency

28. - T7C12

What does a dummy load consist of?

AA non-inductive resistor and a heat sink
BA high-gain amplifier and a TR switch
CA low-voltage power supply and a DC relay
DA 50 ohm reactance used to terminate a transmission line

29. - T7D02

What is the correct way to connect a voltmeter to a circuit?

AIn parallel with the circuit
BIn series with the circuit
CIn quadrature with the circuit
DIn phase with the circuit

30. - T8A05

Which of the following types of emission has the narrowest bandwidth?

ASlow-scan TV
BFM voice
CSSB voice

31. - T8B12

Which of the following is a good way to judge whether your uplink power is neither too low nor too high?

AListen for distortion on your downlink signal
BCheck your signal strength report in the telemetry data
CYour signal strength on the downlink should be about the same as the beacon
DAll of these choices are correct ~ T8C – Operating activities: radio direction finding; radio control; contests; linking over the internet; grid locators T8C01 (C) Which of the following methods is used to locate sources of noise interference or jamming? A. Echolocation B. Doppler radar C. Radio direction finding D. Phase locking

32. - T8C07

What is meant by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as used in amateur radio?

AA set of rules specifying how to identify your station when linked over the internet to another station
BA technique for measuring the modulation quality of a transmitter using remote sites monitored via the internet
CA method of delivering voice communications over the internet using digital techniques
DA set of guidelines for contacting DX stations during contests using internet access

33. - T8D01

Which of the following is a digital communications mode?

AAll of these choices are correct
BIEEE 802.11
DPacket radio

34. - T9A08

What is the approximate length, in inches, of a quarter-wavelength vertical antenna for 146 MHz?


35. - T9B07

Which of the following is true of PL-259 type coax connectors?

AThey are preferred for microwave operation
BThey are watertight
CThey are a bayonet type connector
DThey are commonly used at HF frequencies