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US Amateur Radio - Technician (Element 2, 2018-2022) Practice Test

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1. - T0A10

What can happen if a lead-acid storage battery is charged or discharged too quickly?

AThe voltage can become reversed
BAll of these choices are correct
CThe battery could overheat, give off flammable gas, or explode
DThe memory effect will reduce the capacity of the battery

2. - T0B06

What is the minimum safe distance from a power line to allow when installing an antenna?

AThe height of the power line above ground
BEnough so that if the antenna falls unexpectedly, no part of it can come closer than 10 feet to the power wires
CHalf the width of your property
D1/2 wavelength at the operating frequency

3. - T0C08

Which of the following actions might amateur operators take to prevent exposure to RF radiation in excess of FCC-supplied limits?

AIncrease the duty cycle
BAll of these choices are correct
CRelocate antennas
DRelocate the transmitter

4. - T1A09

Who selects a Frequency Coordinator?

AAmateur operators in a local or regional area whose stations are eligible to be repeater or auxiliary stations
BThe local chapter of the Office of National Council of Independent Frequency Coordinators
CFCC Regional Field Office
DThe FCC Office of Spectrum Management and Coordination Policy

5. - T1B12

Except for some specific restrictions, what is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using frequencies above 30 MHz?

A50 watts
B1500 watts
C100 watts
D500 watts

6. - T1C08

What is the normal term for an FCC-issued primary station/operator amateur radio license grant?

ATen years
BFive years
CTwenty years

7. - T1D10

What is the meaning of the term broadcasting in the FCC rules for the Amateur Radio Service?

ATwo-way transmissions by amateur stations
BTransmission of messages directed only to amateur operators
CTransmissions intended for reception by the general public
DTransmission of music

8. - T1E03

Who must designate the station control operator?

AThe station licensee
CThe frequency coordinator

9. - T1F05

What method of call sign identification is required for a station transmitting phone signals?

ASend the call sign using a CW or phone emission
BSend the call sign followed by the indicator R
CSend the call sign using only a phone emission
DSend the call sign followed by the indicator RPT

10. - T2A12

Which of the following is a guideline when choosing an operating frequency for calling CQ?

AListen first to be sure that no one else is using the frequency
BMake sure you are in your assigned band
CAll of these choices are correct
DAsk if the frequency is in use

11. - T2B12

Why are simplex channels designated in the VHF/UHF band plans?

ASo that stations within mutual communications range can communicate without tying up a repeater
BFor contest operation
CSo that stations with simple transmitters can access the repeater without automated offset
DFor working DX only

12. - T2C10

What information is contained in the preamble of a formal traffic message?

AThe telephone number of the addressee
BThe information needed to track the message
CThe address of the intended recipient
DThe email address of the originating station

13. - T3A02

Why might the range of VHF and UHF signals be greater in the winter?

ALess ionospheric absorption
BLess tropospheric absorption
CLess absorption by vegetation
D Less solar activity

14. - T3B05

How does the wavelength of a radio wave relate to its frequency?

AThe wavelength depends on the bandwidth of the signal
BThe wavelength gets shorter as the frequency increases
CThere is no relationship between wavelength and frequency
DThe wavelength gets longer as the frequency increases

15. - T3C06

What mode is responsible for allowing over-the-horizon VHF and UHF communications to ranges of approximately 300 miles on a regular basis?

AFaraday rotation
BTropospheric ducting
CF2 layer refraction
DD layer refraction

16. - T4A09

Which of the following could you use to cure distorted audio caused by RF current on the shield of a microphone cable?

BLow-pass filter
CFerrite choke
DBand-pass filter

17. - T4B01

What may happen if a transmitter is operated with the microphone gain set too high?

AThe SWR might increase
BThe frequency might vary
CThe output signal might become distorted
DThe output power might be too high

18. - T5A04

What is the name for a current that flows only in one direction?

ASmooth current ~ T5A05 (A) What is the electrical term for the electromotive force (EMF) that causes electron flow? A. Voltage B. Ampere-hours C. Capacitance D. Inductance
BDirect current
CAlternating current
DNormal current

19. - T5B11

What is the amount of change, measured in decibels (dB), of a power increase from 20 watts to 200 watts?

A18 dB
B10 dB
C12 dB
D28 dB

20. - T5C06

What does the abbreviation “RF” refer to?

AReflective force in antenna transmission lines
BThe resonant frequency of a tuned circuit
CThe real frequency transmitted as opposed to the apparent frequency
DRadio frequency signals of all types

21. - T5D11

What is the voltage across a 10-ohm resistor if a current of 1 ampere flows through it?

A10 volts
B11 volts
C1 volt
D9 volts

22. - T6A09

What electrical component is used to protect other circuit components from current overloads?

AAll of these choices are correct

23. - T6B11

What is the term that describes a device's ability to amplify a signal?

BForward resistance
COn resistance
DForward voltage drop

24. - T6C11

What is component 4 in figure T3?

CDummy load

25. - T6D01

Which of the following devices or circuits changes an alternating current into a varying direct current signal?


26. - T7A06

What device converts the RF input and output of a transceiver to another band?

BPhase converter
CLow-pass filter
DHigh-pass filter

27. - T7B11

What is a symptom of RF feedback in a transmitter or transceiver?

AReports of garbled, distorted, or unintelligible voice transmissions
BFrequent blowing of power supply fuses
CThe transmitter will not stay on the desired frequency
DExcessive SWR at the antenna connection

28. - T7C10

Why should the outer jacket of coaxial cable be resistant to ultraviolet light?

AUltraviolet resistant jackets prevent harmonic radiation
BUltraviolet and RF signals can mix, causing interference
CUltraviolet light can damage the jacket and allow water to enter the cable
DUltraviolet light can increase losses in the cable’s jacket

29. - T7D04

Which instrument is used to measure electric current?

AA wavemeter
BAn ohmmeter
CA voltmeter
DAn ammeter

30. - T8A08

What is the approximate bandwidth of a single sideband (SSB) voice signal?

A15 kHz
B6 kHz
C1 kHz
D3 kHz

31. - T8B10

What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite?

AThe satellite is in a Low Earth Orbit
BThe satellite uses Light Emitting Optics
CThe satellite is performing a Lunar Ejection Orbit maneuver
DThe satellite battery is in Low Energy Operation mode

32. - T8C03

What operating activity involves contacting as many stations as possible during a specified period?

APublic service events
CNet operations
DSimulated emergency exercises

33. - T8D11

What is an ARQ transmission system?

AA digital scheme whereby the receiving station detects errors and sends a request to the sending station to retransmit the information
BA special transmission format limited to video signals
CA system used to encrypt command signals to an amateur radio satellite
DA method of compressing the data in a message so more information can be sent in a shorter time

34. - T9A04

What is a disadvantage of the “rubber duck” antenna supplied with most handheld radio transceivers when compared to a full-sized quarter-wave antenna?

AIt transmits only circularly polarized signals
BAll of these choices are correct
CIt does not transmit or receive as effectively
DIf the rubber end cap is lost, it will unravel very easily

35. - T9B01

Why is it important to have low SWR when using coaxial cable feed line?

ATo reduce television interference
BAll of these choices are correct
CTo reduce signal loss
DTo prolong antenna life